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Public Figure. Texting Quotes. Power of Thoughts. Blocked Crown Chakra Each of these seven main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head, and health focus.

Virgo ♍ Daily Horoscope 12222 2.1 Update

Share on Pinterest A blocked root … Life will feel worthwhile, glorious and rich. If your crown chakra becomes blocked, you might not see much beauty. Handing someone your spare key is a way of saying "I trust you. Let yourself in.

Virgo 12222 horoscope

This rapid-fire love bolt could bring a sudden exchange of shiny objects—those keys or, you know, some other metal, circular object. But if you're still doubting the union's longevity after having given it so many tries, summon the courage to spring free. Whether attached or single, relish in sexual chemistry that will bubble up with strangers but don't let it blind you to the commitments you've already made.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Monday, October 7, Could it be that Virgo—aka the diligent creative of the cosmic realm—is looking to others for approval? Hindus all over the world will be celebrating Rama Navami in some areas the festivities can last up to nine days Tap for more Want to add some colour to your life? Holi is the great Hindu spring festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil and the end of winter.

March 1st is mostly associated with St.

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Find out more Tap for more The 5th September sees the celebration of a very special birthday, Lord Ganesha. Find out more Oswald was a King of Northumbria and today we celebrate the feast day of St. Oswald today Lammas is an old festival which in the Christian tradition honours the first part of the harvest The Northern Hemisphere are beginning to enter what are sometimes called the Dog Days, when the weather is warmest Whatever the weather is today, it will remain so for forty days unless the weather changes on the 11th June St Barnabas Day Tap for more May , the astronauts on board Apollo 10 were having an unusual conversation about hearing music from outside their spacecraft With romantic stirrings of St.

This month is the start of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is observed by Muslims everywhere as a month of fasting, find out more The nearest Saturday to the 8th May sees the population of Helston in Cornwall swell as the crowds gather for the annual Furry Dance. The 1st of May is an ancient fertility festival shall we?

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  • It reaches back to Celtic times when it was celebrated as Beltane, find out more When you think of Mayday the image of maypoles most likely come to mind, did you know it's origins are actually Pagan, find out more Visiting somewhere with a large Chinese population and looking for a lucky charm, you may get a disc with a whole in it called a Pi The 5th March is St Piran's Day, one of three saints who vie for the honour of being the patron saint of Cornwall Imbolc is the time of year when Pagan folk begin to look forward to spring, St Brigid's day and Candlemas Today, Sharon Osbourne, celebrates her Birthday Call my Live Psychics now 1.

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