December 17 scorpio daily horoscope

This day gives an incentive and a chance to Leos seeking popularity, loving companies, striving for partnership and cooperation. Lions-parents will show more interest in friends of their children. Informal contacts will have unpleasant side effects.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope, Daily Tarot Reading and Daily Astrology Dec, 17th 2018

For example, for an unexpected reason, sincere communication with someone may not work out. Today, Virgo is lucky in a new or unexpected direction. The probability of original finds is higher in unpredictable places, at inopportune times, in a new company. After recent torment, you can make a sudden discovery.

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The chances of progressing in the treatment of the disease, the development of advanced technology or a progressive technique are increasing. An unexpected minute of positive awaits the owners of animals, especially rare breeds. Libra day gives cause for optimism and increases self-esteem. The reason for a good mood and activity can be children, friends, creative, business or sports successes.


It is easier to get a positive charge if today you are torn out of an uncomfortable environment, a routine environment and a negative context. For example, you act freely out of control, develop a new advanced project, and relax in an unusual place. This day makes the Scorpions imbued with the spirit of progress, get comfortable with innovation in the house or in society. A fresh look at things, in turn, will help them adjust to new realities: the expectations of partners, the public or customers, the new tastes of households or friends. Stars advise you to catch and appreciate the moment of good luck, since the gifts of fate will not be strewed on you forever and the cornucopia will soon dry up.

For Capricorns, the day can be marked by an original new thing or a violation of the usual course of things. For example, a change in the daily menu or method of payment for services. Routine shopping is not recommended. Today, Aquarius until the night will have a good opportunity, most importantly, to use it.

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Suspiciousness will be your enemy. You should less depend on the opinions of others and listen more to your own instincts, not attach importance to advice, comments especially offensive and criticism. If you are afraid to listen to yourself, there is a chance to catch luck thanks to a partner, friends, mentor, influential patron.

Today, Pisces is not profitable to be single romantics. Love and conservatism, as arguments, will lose friendship and progress. The ambitious purposeful Pisces should pay attention to the non-standard leverage that gives them partnership or team membership. You can make a coup if, in your attempts to achieve the goal, you rely not on yourself, but on other people or on public opinion. Is it possible to determine the fate and character of a person by date of birth?

Scorpio: Your daily horoscope - October 08

Yes, science astrology allows us to do this. The nature and habits of a person directly depend on the date of his birth. Someone is born stubborn, and someone is shy. One extreme and parachute jumps, while others prefer a quiet and safe home. We are all different! And each person is unique in his own way. Aries fire — bright and burning, hot and passionate. Planet Aries — warlike Mars. Taurus belongs to the elements of the Earth, which gives practicality, patience, responsibility, reliability and a craving for nature.

The planet of Taurus is a charming and elegant Venus. Scorpio Career and Business Horoscope: You may be committing mistakes due to excess work pressure. So you need to be careful while handling your duties. A lot of planning is essential to accomplish this feat. Scorpio Love and Relationships Horoscope: You may find it little difficult to convince your partner over a family issue.

You have to set aside all differences and forge a new path with your beloved. Scorpio Money and Finances Horoscope: You could be saddled with increasing expenditure for the day. You may not be in a position to save any money.

Daily horoscope for Sunday, December 17, 2017

Scorpio Health Horoscope: You need to take some extra care to maintain good health. There could also be chances for leg pain to trouble you. Find out what star the Moon was in when you were born.