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You are changing and your daily life is simply following along, that's all.

Health Horoscope: What Your Sign Says About You

Instead of dragging on with something old, tired, and worn out, why not consider starting something new? If you refuse to give up on something that you know is doomed to fail, you will be in for a long frustrating road ahead of you. You will find that this is especially true of anything involving music, beauty, creativity, and the arts.

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Redirect your energy towards something new and more promising. Watch for feelings of inferiority. It's possible that you live in an area where your neighbors are overly judgmental, and base their opinions of you on how well you fit the mold. The truth is that nobody fits the mold, and that nearly everyone is caught up in the game of trying to fit in.

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Everyone is insecure and the ones that buy into these feelings enough to change their lives are the least happy. An interview over the course of the next week could prove to be incredibly successful. Love: On Sunday, the Full Moon in Aries will urge you to review and reflect on the state of your relationship.

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Follow your heart! Avoid being too controlling at the start of the month!

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Relaxing your grip can only be a good thing, so watch as your partner grows happier and more confident as a result. How to delay putting the heating on at home. By Cal Garrison Sep 25, By Cal Garrison Sep 18, By Cal Garrison Sep 11, By Cal Garrison Sep 4, By Cal Garrison Aug 28, By Cal Garrison Aug 21, By Cal Garrison Aug 14, By Cal Garrison Aug 7, By Cal Garrison Jul 31, By Cal Garrison Jul 24, By Cal Garrison Jul 17, By Cal Garrison Jul 10, By Cal Garrison Jul 3, By Cal Garrison Jun 26, By Cal Garrison Jun 19, By Cal Garrison Jun 12, The old stories take forever to clear up.

Be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing, and don't let yourself fall prey to pies in the sky that are in fact the same old thing, dressed to kill. Full text.

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